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For the most prompt service, request an appointment online, or e-mail us. If you prefer a phone call, please be patient and give us 24-48 hours to respond.





Our doctors will evaluate the health of your eyes and provide an accurate prescription for glasses.

Our routine eye exams include:

  • PRESCRIPTION: providing clear and comfortable vision.
  • Depth perception, color vision, and peripheral vision testing.
  • EYE DISEASE SCREENING: glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts diabetic and hypertensive retina screening.
  • DIGITAL IMAGING: of the eye’s health (optional fee but highly recommended).


Contact lenses offer the freedom away from glasses during sports, a night out, or simply daily activities. A careful contact lens fitting will provide clear, comfortable, and healthy vision for wearers of all ages.

Our doctors fit soft and rigid contact lenses for astigmatism, bifocals and multifocals, and daily disposables, using the latest technologies.

If you have stopped wearing contact lenses because of discomfort or poor vision, let our doctors know! They will introduce the newest contact lens technologies to provide the most comfortable and clear vision we can achieve, using the newest lenses available!

MEDICAL EYE EXAMS (Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration)

We use modern diagnostic equipment (OCT, visual field, keratometry, pachymetry, fundus photography) to detect and manage eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension and retinal detachments.

Our doctors also treat day-to-day discomforts such as dry eyes and itchy eyes, using punctal plugs, prescription eye drops, and clinical advice.


We offer same day emergency office visits for red eyes, foreign bodies, and eye infections.


Our optometrists can answer your questions and help you better understand if LASER eye surgery (such as LASIK) is a good option for you. We work with local LASER eye surgeons who have an excellent history of safe and effective surgeries.

Additionally, our doctors work with local surgeons to achieve the best outcomes for cataract surgery.




Why choose LSVC?

  • EYEWEAR EXPERTS: our specialists will select frames to provide optimal comfort and to match your personal style.
    • Measurements: accurate measurements to ensure your glasses fit you!
    • Adjustments: free adjustments for your glasses. Stop by anytime!
  • LENSES: we use only the best and most modern lens technologies, including:
    • Digital HD lenses that reduce peripheral distortion
    • Anti-reflective coatings to reduce night glare.
    • Blue-blocking coatings to reduce computer strain.
    • Transition lenses and polarized sunglasses for outdoor activities
  • FRAMES: we offer a wide selection of prices and styles.
  • LOCAL: we'll help you in an emergency, to repair your glasses or provide a pair of contact lenses.

Our products

Our high quality frames and lenses offer great guarantees. Most frames include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our lenses with anti-reflective coatings come with a one year warranty.

Throughout the lifetime of your frames, we offer complimentary frame cleaning and adjustments. Stop by the next time you're nearby!



INSURANCES: we accept both vision plans and medical insurances

VISION PLANS: cover routine wellness eye exams for glasses and/or contact lenses.
Vision plans do not cover medical eye exams for the diagnosis, management or treatment of eye health problems such as diabetes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

MEDICAL INSURANCES: cover medical eye exams.
If you have both types of insurance plans, we will bill the appropriate services to the appropriate insurance plan.  We will help maximize your benefits and to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Regence Blue Shield
Premera Blue Cross

Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Davis Vision (Boeing)
Medicare/Medicaid plans
Labor & Industries


YOUR EXAM: steps to ensure a smooth examination

  1. Fill out intake forms (e-mail to us or bring to your appointment) >>DOWNLOAD FORMS HERE<<
  2. Check-in 15 minutes before your appointment for required pre-tests.
  3. If you are a new patient, please bring copies of your old glasses and/or contact lens prescriptions.


history form

How long does an exam take?

Approximatley 30-45 minutes.

Do you take walk-ins?

Some patients cancel last minute, so stop by or call.

What insurances do you take?

See list above.



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